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Seminars and workshops are offered individually or through Masters of Success

Below you will find brief descriptions of each seminar and workshop.
For full program descriptions and more information please click here.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming seminars:

CORE SEMINARS (5 hours):

“The Power of Non Verbal Communication part I”“The Power of Non Verbal Communication part I”“The Power of Non Verbal Communication part I”
If 93% of the communication process is non-verbal, the question is “What non-verbal messages are being sent to you that you don’t even recognize?  And even more curious, is “What are you non-verbally sending to others that you don’t even know?  Great communication is the key to success in achieving earnings potential, more sales, successful negotiations, harmonious relationships and peace and happiness.  Learn powerful non-verbal communication tools to enrich your success!

“Language Patterns of the Master Communicators Part I”“Language Patterns of the Master Communicators Part I”
Everyday, we use language in dealing with others as well as ourselves.  The use of language can either put oneself and others in a resourceful state or create a downward tail spin.  It can enlighten people to their greatest potential or create doubt and fear.  We use language to express our opinions, to negotiate, to influence others, to sell, to create meaning as well as numerous other activities.  You will learn how the use of certain words as well as language patterns have a powerful impact on others perception, meaning and emotions.  How the use of language can create unconscious responses for a win / win situation.  How certain questions can create a new level of thinking jumping outside the box of ones self imposed limitations to see new and wonderful opportunities and possibilities. 

“Negotiation Skills for Woman Only” “Negotiation Skills for Woman Only” 
Finally a course designed specifically for women to gain the competitive advantage in a male dominated world.  From Business deals to family activities, personal relationships to dealing with the public, it’s all negotiable!  Learn the most advanced, effective and sophisticated tools of negotiation by combining the psychology of negotiation with the economic and business aspects.
(Instead of “The Power of Non Verbal Communication Part I”)

“How to supercharge your goals and outcomes and create a compelling future”“How to supercharge your goals and outcomes and create a compelling future”
Learn the structure of powerful and effective goal setting modeled from highly successful people.  Learn powerful and proven strategies of stating your goals and outcomes in a way that creates clarity, direction, focus and motivation.  In addition you will learn methods of implementation as well as how to effectively monitor you goals for successful completion. 

“How to figure out people’s internal perception of reality”“How to figure out people’s internal perception of reality”
It has been said, perception is reality.  How many times have you collided with someone else’s “reality” and ended up with a “discussion” of whose “reality” is correct?  This course will provide you with a keen and deep insight in how people build and map their realities.  You will learn the NLP communication model and how people internally process information that comes from the outside world.  You will learn how our internal processing filters (beliefs, values, meta-programs, attitudes, decisions and memories) delete, distort and generalize information.  This filtering of events determines how we perceive external reality.  This course will not only teach you how perception of reality is created, it will also teach you how to create new and more enhanced maps of reality for yourself and others.  This will in turn create more options for attaining your goals, flexibility in thinking, and greater awareness and opportunities to create success in all areas of your life.

SPECIALTY SEMINARS (7 hours -  One hour lunch break):

“How to Change your State of Mind”“How to Change your State of Mind”
Learn how to create a positive mental attitude that will enhance your enjoyment of life.  Learn how to change your emotional state from fear to power, from weakness to strength, from uncertainly to confidence and from despair to hope. Learn how to use questions of focus, power words and self talk to change your state of being.  You have heard it before, success is 95% attitude.  How you see the world is how the world treats you.  “The world is a reflection of your inner most thoughts and feelings."  Now, is the time to change your thoughts so you can change your world.

“Procrastination to Motivation - Thoughts to Action” (The Motivational Strategies of the Super Achievers)“Procrastination to Motivation - Thoughts to Action” (The Motivational Strategies of the Super Achievers)
You will learn powerful motivation strategies that excite your heart and ignite your soul and empower you to take action towards your goals!   Learn how to model passionate people!  How to integrate internal conflict into a single unified mission.  Learn how to unlock the blocks that are holding you back as you develop a “propulsion system” to explode towards your goals with passion and purpose!

“How to eliminate the fear of Public Speaking”“How to eliminate the fear of Public Speaking”
It has been said that the number one fear in America is the fear of public speaking.  Fear is a learned response.  The key is to learn other empowering responses that will enable you to transform fear into states of excitement, courage, power and a deep sense of peace.  Your will learn how to reframe your beliefs about public speaking, how to use certain NLP patterns to change your unconscious responses to public speaking and to learn new thinking patterns that will create a sense of ease and comfort as well as an attitude of “piece of cake” when public speaking.

“Belief Systems of the Wealthy”“Belief Systems of the Wealthy”
You will learn the attitudes, beliefs and states of mind of the wealthy as well as expanded meanings of the word wealth. You will also learn how to identify and transform your limiting beliefs about money and wealth into powerful and resourceful beliefs that will support you towards your goals.  You will learn how to resolve internal conflicts that have kept you from tapping into your full potential and attaining wealth.  

“Transforming Stress into Power”“Transforming Stress into Power”
Stress can create all sorts of difficulties and challenges in life such as physical problems, lack of clarity, lethargic behavior, tenseness, a sense of being overwhelmed, a feeling of being rushed, burning out and many other issues.  This course will teach you how to reduce stress while creating a sense of peace and power in all areas of your life.  With learning new thinking patterns, creating empowering beliefs, opening up space for new options and possibilities and creating more resourceful criteria and standards of evaluation, stress can be transformed into power.  Remember, it is not the events of your life that determine your state of mind, it is your interpretation of those events.

“Strategic life Planning – Three points of power” – (Planning for Peak Performance)“Strategic life Planning – Three points of power” – (Planning for Peak Performance)
Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you combined the best of business planning skills while modeling the beliefs and behaviors of top achievers and fully embracing and operating from your highest self?  How much more success, prosperity and happiness would be yours in this life?  This course will teach you how to combine the Three Points of Power as a way of creating success in your life.  The "Three Points of Power" are: Business / Career – Psychology / NLP and concepts from one highest self and intention.  By combining the best of each aspect of the Three Points of Power, you will learn the best of business practices (Strategic Planning) while learning the best of psychological tools that create a mindset that is empowered and unstoppable with the key concepts that create an overall sense of well-being, balance and harmony in your life. 

Sales and Negotiation Mastery – (Prerequisite – The Power of Non Verbal Communication Part ISales and Negotiation Mastery – (Prerequisite – The Power of Non Verbal Communication Part I)
Learn advanced non verbal communication skills such as sensory acuity (the ability to notice, to monitor and to make sense of the external cues from other people), calibration (becoming tuned-in to another’s state and internal sensory processing by reading non-verbal signals), spatial anchoring, gestures that create meanings, voice patterns and intonation patterns.  Learn how to anchor yourself and others into various states of mind, including curiosity, receptivity, passion, etc.  Learn how to distinguish between behavior and positive intention for gaining agreement and building rapport.  How to set the frame from the beginning as well as utilizing the skills of reframing, preframing and deframing.  How to elicit the buying strategies of your customers.  You will also learn powerful NLP tools, techniques and concepts such as the conditional close, various meta programs (the mental programs for sorting and paying attention to stimuli and perceptual filters that govern attention), and other tools that will assist you in completely understanding the other persons map of reality as well as persuasion techniques.  In addition, you will learn business structuring concepts as well as an analysis of numerous live examples of successful negotiations using the skills of NLP including ideas from the “Negotiation Tool Box”.

Advance Language Patterns of the Master CommunicatorsAdvance Language Patterns of the Master Communicators
(Prerequisite – Language patterns of the Master Communicators Part I)
One of the most profound and fastest ways of creating success in your professional and personal life is to increase your knowledge and skill in the use of language and language patterns.  In this seminar you will learn the art of conversational reframing of limited beliefs.  You will also learn the use of certain hypnotic language patterns that will help others in ways that create positive changes.  In addition, you will learn how the use of certain words and language patterns will make major changes and shifts in people’s internal experience which can loosen up and eliminate rigid thinking and create new understandings.  You will also learn how to use past, present and future verb tenses to create positive changes and eliminate limitations as well as learning much, much more!

Coaching workshops

Breaking Through Self imposed limitations   And   Goal Accountability Program (GAP Training)
This is a 12 week program, 3 hours each week dedicated to helping the participants break through self imposed limitations that are holding them back from the success they want.  There will be one 3 hour session each week, alternating between Breaking Through Self Imposed Limitations and Goal Accountability Program.  Thus there will be 6 weeks of Breaking Through Self Imposed Limitations and 6 weeks of GAP Training for a total of 18 hours each in the 12 week period.

BREAKING THROUGH SELF IMPOSED LIMITATIONSBREAKING THROUGH SELF IMPOSED LIMITATIONS will focus on identifying and transforming the limiting beliefs that hold you back from reaching your most precious goals and desires.  The most advanced and sophisticated NLP tools and techniques will be taught and demonstrated in which to create positive changes. Some of the areas of focus will be fear of failure, fear of success, not feeling worthy of success, placing limits on how much success, money or wealth you can have, lack of motivation, issues of not having enough time or energy and much much more will be addressed. 

GOAL ACCOUNTABILITY PROGRAM (GAP TRAINING)GOAL ACCOUNTABILITY PROGRAM (GAP TRAINING) will focus on how to set empowering goals and outcomes (NLP outcome frame).  There are three purposes for setting goals and outcomes:
1. To model how high level achievers create their goals and outcomes (NLP Outcome Frame) and clarify what you truly want.
2. To bring up fear, resistance and other blocks to achieving your goals so that you can break through self imposed limitations using NLP tools and techniques and;
3. To learn the joy and power of being accountable for your actions and how committing to being your highest and best creates success.

Gap training is simply closing the GAP between where you are and where you want to be.  The GAP is what is holding you back from your most desirous dreams and important goals.  Thus, there are three main components to GAP training. 
1. Knowing where you are: (Present State)
2. Knowing where you want to be:  (Desired State)
3. Identifying and transforming the obstacles in the GAP that hold you back.

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